My name is Niels Burger. I am an artist and looking into becoming an illustrator and game designer. I originally started this blog to talk about my progress in developing a tabletop game called Rootlands, with my brother, Jan, and 9 year old son, Eli. Rootlands is a card and tile game about recruiting creatures such as gnomes and dragons, learning spells and having battles over land to build the strongest kingdom. When I was a teenager my brother and I would play and develop games like these and now that I have kids I’ve enjoyed inventing games with them. About 6 months ago I started going to a regular game meet-up group for developing games and decided to take game development more seriously, which led to the game, Rootlands, and now the blog.

But over the few months that I’v been blogging, I’ve decided to broaden the scope of the blog to incorporate other themes that, at least to me, are related. Now the blog is not just about developing Rootlands but about any other games I develop and about game development in general. In addition I’m including other themes that interest me and seem at least tangentially related to games : graphic novels, illustration and art.

Since this blog is no longer just about my game, Rootlands, I was thinking about changing the name to something that seemed more broad in nature. But I decided that Rootlands also works as a name for a blog. So now I’m thinking of Rootlands, the Blog, as a name to evoke a place where ideas, pictures and games take root, grown and connect.


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