Two Games I played at Cabridge’s Game Design Meet-Up “Rise of the Robotariate” and “City States”

Game Night Photo
(Caption: Jeremy Burhnam (right side, of Egra Games-“Stack and Attack”) and Tito Soto playing “Rise of the Robotariate”)

Last night I went to a meet-up for the Board Game Design & Prototype Circle, in Cambridge, MA., where people developing tabletop games meet to play-test each other’s games and give feedback. I decided not to bring my game, Rootlands, and just play other people’s games. I played two really interesting games, “Rise of the Robotariate” and “City States.”

“Rise of the Robotariate” is a game designed by Don Mitchell of Eye4Games. I love the concept: robots have gotten tired of being pushed around and have decided to revolt.  In the game you play a robot trying to start and lead the revolution. The game mechanics were simple and moved quickly while still providing difficult decisions and exciting challenges. I ended up winning, by a lot, which was surprising because I don’t always pick up games quickly, and fun, but also seemed to point to aspects of the game which seemed to need adjusting, and led to other players trying to take me down – scary. Overall I think it is a great game, that my 9 year old son would love. Sign me up for the kickstarter campaign. When it comes out I plan to get my copy.

I also played “City States”, designed by Daryl Fougnie. The concept is you are a city state in 15th century Tuscany, Italy, trying to emerge as the dominant power. Daryl designed the game to limit your decisions to a minimum, so that what decision you make are very important. I really enjoyed playing it. The game was challenging, as while you only have one decision a turn, your opponents made their decisions at the same time, in secret, and each decision is effected by earlier ones and by the opponents’ decisions. “City States” is a great minimalist game.


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